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Aryakas Hercules

Qubic,s The Buck Stops Here Moptor,s Good Lovin, Barkshire,s Dancer by Lambluv
Barkshire,s Best Bet
Qubic,s The Good Times Roll Lambluv Moptop Luvem N Levem
Qubic,s Dream Machine
Fan-Fell Quality for Happiness Reata,s A1 Lamedazottel High,N Mighty
Lamedazottel Kiss Me Qulck
Fan Fell Givenchy Smoke Signal for Reata
Wellington Star Dreaming Love

Shaggy blue Bob,s Jeanne D,Arc

Bahlamb,s Beaming Blue Beardn To-Jo,s Sun Beam Over Misty Mountain To-Jo,s Pep,rmint Stick
To-Jo,s Sun Bonnet Sue
Bahlamb,s Bountiful Bol  Bahlamb,s Bountiful Brit
Bahlamb,s Broadway Babycakes
Reata,s Cosmopolitan Danish Dellght Sophies Dutch Joker
Reata,s Avantgarde
Barking Bobby,s Ray of Light Zottel,s Xmas Cracker
Barking Bobby,s
Puppet on the String





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